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Crossing Over

Child Sight Foundation (CSF) is a voluntary organization with Dr. Muhit being the head. This organization works with the disabled children and people of Bangladesh, and makes regular journeys to their working areas. In one of their journeys, they met with Aftab, a vision-impaired boy who goes to school and wants to become a singer. After meeting with Aftab in his home and hearing about his dreams of traveling the world and becoming a great singer, Dr. Muhit took him, along with a vision-impaired girl named Shahinur and a movement-impaired girl named Shupti, for a tour to Sirajganj Town and the famous Jamuna Bridge. This was a journey of a lifetime for the children, who are not used to getting out of their homes and an experience for the society, to see their potential, their dreams, their necessities and their similarities with the normal people. Their journey continues with Aftab singing a local folk song, along with the beginning of their dreams.