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Crossing Over

Child Sight Foundation (CSF) is a voluntary organization with Dr. Muhit being the head. This organization works with the disabled children and people of Bangladesh, and makes regular journeys to their working areas. In one of their journeys, they met with Aftab, a vision-impaired boy who goes to school and wants to become a singer. […]

Advantages of being visually impaired – Inclusive Stories

Dr. M. A. Muhit talking about Avoidable Childhood Blindness with Faizan in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dr. Muhit is a Clinical Research Fellow at the International Centre for Eye Health: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.He is also the Founder President of Child Sight Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the rights and services for children who […]

Dr. M. A. Muhit on Prometheus

Dr. Muhit reminisces about his band “Prometheus” which he created as a teenager, with his friends 25 years ago. Their main idea was to inspire people through their songs just like “Prometheus” brought fire to the people and took them towards civilization, in the Greek Mythology. He mentions a few songs which he likes and […]