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  • Dr. Muhit, a Social Worker


    Dr Muhit is a highly motivated and visionary leader in the field of public health ophthalmology. In the year 2000, under Dr Muhit’s leadership, a group of ophthalmologists, social workers, local businessmen and public health experts initiated the ‘Child Sight Foundation (CSF)’ – a National NGO focusing on childhood blindness and disability. In the past 13 years, his tireless efforts to eliminate avoidable childhood blindness globally and in Bangladesh has been widely recognized.

  • Dr. Muhit, a Social Worker


    CSF works with children, families, and communities; service providers; and program planners to eliminate preventable and treatable cases of child blindness and to establish a rights based enabling environment for visually impaired and blind children throughout Bangladesh and globally.

  • Dr. Muhit, a Social Worker


    Since its inception, CSF has grown into a 75 staff organization. Under the guidance of Dr. Muhit, CSF has trained 23,000 volunteers to identify and refer children in need of treatment, identified 25,000 children who suffered from visual impairment in 42 districts and provided them with treatment, restored the eyesight of 7,500 children through cataract surgery, supplied 10,000 children with glasses or other visual aids and provided home-based rehabilitation and inclusive education to 450 children with visual impairment.



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